This spiritual life & death mystery novel follows the interwoven souls of 7 people from a town called Hope. A morally enriched tale of good against evil that includes many plots, twists, and turns. St. Purgatory takes a look into several thought-provoking journeys that will have readers entertained while thinking more profoundly about life… and death.
Frogs, Friends & Funerals is an unforgettable story that follows seven friends from their childhood frog pond into adulthood. Each one of them chooses their own unique path in life, but true friendship is what keeps them connected throughout. This compelling story will have you feeling like you gained seven new friends, as you grow up with them, and visit with them as adults in Savannah, Martha’s Vineyard, St. Thomas, and New York, laughing and crying with the friends along the way. Moving. Tender. Inspiring.
Based on a true story, ‘A JOURNEY THROUGH A DREAM’ is a remarkable tale of a musician who dedicates his life to following his dream of making it big in the music industry. He is determined to do whatever it takes to reach his dream of making it big in the music business. He is determined to do whatever it takes to reach the top, but he is not willing to compromise his moral values to achieve his goal. After a series of unforeseen disappointments, personal setbacks, financial struggles, and heartbreak, he finds that he has hit rock-bottom. Miraculously, on the eve of becoming homeless, the young dream-seeker receives a revelation after reaching deep inside of his soul & faith and pleading a personal cry for help. Within minutes, he comes eye-to-eye with an unexpected, yet unmistakable angel on earth, who propels him back onto the track of his dream.

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