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After decades of composing songs, performing concerts, writing books, and spending time among "celebrities", Joe Silva maintains that the only thing that really matters is having a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and family, while doing good things on earth with the gifts that God gave to us. Everything else is trivial. 

One of Joe Silva’s earliest memories is receiving a drum on his third Christmas. The awareness of gifts from God began at that point in time for Joe Silva. Lincoln Logs and pencils were transformed into drum-sticks, while pillows & school desk-tops became drums. Music quickly infused itself into Joe’s life… So much so that his mother couldn’t walk into a Woolworth department store with him and leave before purchasing the latest 45-record that was on the shelf. His kindergarten teacher made him the leader of “the band” in the annual school play out of the 250+ students there. Finally, while he was attending fifth grade and eligible to join the real school band, he received his first snare drum and played incessantly along to his older sisters’ LP-records… The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Ringo Starr, Edgar Winter, The Guess Who, and his mother’s Neil Diamond 8-track.

Joe found that music helped fill the void left in the wake of his parents’ divorce… Not that his father wasn’t in the picture. He very much was. They would spend most weekends together, and his father would take him to the music store so Joe could dream about one-day playing the drum sets that were on display. By the second year of Joe performing on the snare drum, he became the lead drummer of the town’s middle-school band, and the band’s music teacher told Joe’s father that “if he plays his cards right, he’ll be writing his own checks through music someday”. His father reacted by buying him an old, green, drum set from the Army’s National Guard Band. It was on its last leg, but for Joe, receiving that old drum kit was a catalytic moment. 

Inspired by the rock groups Kiss and Cheap Trick, along with drummers Peter Criss, Anton Fig, Aynsley Dunbar and Bun E. Carlos, Joe formed a band with some of his schoolmates within six-months of receiving that first set of drums. Joe’s music teacher recognized the commitment and offered the school’s band room, which the group could utilize for rehearsals for an hour per day prior to anyone arriving for classes. Each of the young musicians’ parents juggled the early-morning transportation duties, as it was well before the time that any school bus would arrive, and years before any of the group’s members would be old enough to drive themselves. The group took advantage of the privilege every day for the next two years, and began playing at their school dances and assemblies.

At the age of fourteen, prior to hitting high-school, the ambitious band-members were performing in nightclubs as a cover band. Soon, they recognized that in effort to reach the top of the music industry they would need to write and perform their own original music. The group started to call itself ‘The Threats’, stopped playing the cover-music circuit, and began to break into the extremely territorial original-music circuit. 

Before each band member turned 16 years of age, The Threats were invited to add a song onto ‘The Living Room – A Compilation Record’, which was an LP record that highlighted the top thirteen original rock bands from Boston, MA, and Providence, RI. From there, Joe’s band went on to perform as the support group for many well-known international acts, such as Joan Jett, The Hooters, Joe Satriani, Winger, and were invited to participate in many regional “battle-of-the-bands” by New England’s top rock radio stations, in addition to being interviewed on multiple national cable television shows and ABC News. Eventually, Hirsh Gardner (record producer & drummer of the 70’s rock group ‘New England’) produced The Threats’ song ‘Dream About You’, which earned consecutive weekly rotation for over two years on many New England radio stations during the late 80’s.

Joe was soon introduced to a prominent California music attorney by a concert promoter. The attorney, who had secured record deals for music-performing notables such as Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Aerosmith, and Extreme, decided to take on Joe’s act after hearing his band’s music. He thought that it would make most sense to have the band represented in New York City instead of Los Angeles so it could be easier, logistically, to showcase their talent to labels, considering the band resided in New England. The attorney introduced Joe to a lawyer who was “up-and-coming” in the industry, and was new to the firm, as he would be shopping Joe’s music to the NY record labels. Joe took out a loan, recorded some new songs for the lawyer to shop around, and waited to learn what the labels thought of the music. Joe would contact the lawyer for updates, but always got the same “saw a few guys, but nothing yet”. After a year passed with no results, Joe received a phone call from a music-colleague who had learned that the lawyer was taking the meetings that the lawyer’s boss was arranging at various record labels for the promotion of The Threats, and promoting a band that he was managing instead. Feeling broken hearted, frustrated that a year had been wasted, and that ultimately, all of the blood, sweat & tears that Joe had poured into his dream had been taken advantage of, he confronted the main lawyer in California, who reacted by firing the New York lawyer.

Devoid of the ability to trust others with his musical affairs, Joe decided to try and shop his music on his own, and traveled twice per year to Los Angeles and New York City, sneaking into record-label executives’ offices in effort to distribute promotional packages of his music, only to find them waiting for him in his mailbox when he returned home. Each letter would read “Thank you for your submission, but this label does not accept unsolicited music”… After a few years of rejection letters, and thinking about how he was not spending enough time where the record companies were located, Joe decided to move to Los Angeles in search of a recording deal. Eventually, he met a homeless person that saved Joe from becoming homeless, himself.. (Read all about this in Joe Silva's screenplay book, titled 'A Journey Through a Dream')

Joe Silva returned from living in Los Angeles and entered the recording studio with his original band members and produced his own compact disc, which helped to propel him and his band onto bigger stages and larger venues. Additionally, Joe enrolled himself into college and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, while continuing to perform along the East Coast as the support band for such artists as Journey, Quiet Riot, Sam Kinison, and Missing Persons.

After an amazing 24-year run, Joe played one last show with The Threats at The Strand Theater in his home city of Providence, Rhode Island, sharing the bill with Gary Cherone, vocalist of Boston rock group ‘Extreme’. He then set his sights on the songs that he wrote but could never bring to The Threats due to style differences, and began recording his first solo CD at the famous Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, B.B. King, and countless others, recorded so many classic records. 

Joe's Sun Studio recordings caught the attention of 'Late Show with David Letterman' drummer, Anton Fig, who signed-on to produce Joe Silva's first solo CD, titled 'Blue'. Upon the release of 'Blue', Joe embarked on a 40-city Acoustic Concert Tour, where he appeared throughout Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, and The United States.

To follow-up his 'Blue' album, Joe wrote a screenplay book, titled 'A Journey Through a Dream', and an accompanying 19-song soundtrack that includes many worldwide-known musicians, including guitarist Ace Frehley of the band KISS.

Soon thereafter, Joe's released his next literary work, titled 'St. Purgatory', which is a 300+ page  spiritual life & death mystery novel that follows the interwoven souls of 7 people from a town called Hope. A morally enriched tale of good against evil that includes many plots, twists, and turns. 'St. Purgatory' takes a look into several thought-provoking journeys that will have readers entertained while thinking more profoundly about life... and death. ('St. Purgatory' is available on in paperback & Kindle formats). Joe Silva considers 'St. Purgatory' to be his most important work to date.

Additionally, Joe Silva stars in the award-winning Hollywood short film, titled 'Unleashed Love', which is also available on, along with the film's soundtrack, on which Joe's Americana version of 'Wish You Were Here' appears.

Joe Silva has also sang/performed the National Anthem at Gillette Stadium (home of the New England Patriots), and Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox). He has performed on tour dates with over 30 of the world's biggest musical acts, such as:: B.B. King, The Beach Boys, and Billy Squier.

Again, after decades of composing songs, performing concerts, writing books, and spending time among "celebrities", Joe Silva maintains that the only thing that really matters is having a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and family, while doing good things on earth with the gifts that God gave to us. Everything else is trivial. 

Joe Silva

Joe Silva