Joe Silva

Author / Composer / Screenwriter


Joe’s songs were playing on the radio in New England when he was a teenager. Eventually, he composed over 200 songs, recorded at Sun Studio and Abbey Road, and was interviewed and featured on radio stations throughout America, Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland.


As a deep thinking author, Joe’s novels keep the reader pondering the plots and morals of the stories long after the last page has been turned. With a Christian thread running through each of his books, Joe brings inspiration through very real and thought-provoking tales.


As a lead-singing drummer and guitarist, Joe began performing in nightclubs at the age of 13. Over the following few decades, he performed on tour dates in 8 countries, with over 30 of the worlds biggest musical acts, such as The Beach Boys, Joan Jett, B.B. King, Joe Satriani, and Billy Squier.

“If I could measure my journey in miles, I’d be a citizen martian by now.”

Joe Silva